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Frequently asked questions

Yes, absolutely. Our Web App is a free option of using Filmstro, but if you just want to download ready-made soundtracks for your projects, that's totally fine! 

Yes. And no payment details required. You can access Filmstro and start browsing, downloading and editing music right away. You don't even need to sign up to try the App.
Some features, like saving your session and downloading preview tracks require a valid email address to sign up for a free account.

If you want to use our music for commercial work or on behalf of clients you'll need a Pro license. 
You also need a Pro license if you would like a custom music commission from us. 

If your project is destined for TV, Radio, VOD or streaming then you need a Pro Plus license.

When you sign up for Filmstro you will automatically be invited to register your YouTube channel(s) with us. This allows us to whitelist your channel which means any claims are automatically released, so you won't miss out on any monetization!

If you have a PRO or PRO PLUS license you can also register unlimited social channels, including the Video IDs for your clients' videos so that they do not receive any claims either! 

If you have a PRO or PRO PLUS license then we can create a brief for our composers based on your unique needs. We aim to turn custom commissions around within 30 days and add new music - that you ask for - to our library within that timeframe, at no additional cost!

They remain cleared worldwide and for ever. Nothing to worry about as long as you had the correct license at the time of creating the content. 

If you had a YouTuber or a Pro license at the point of submitting your film for a festival, and your project is now going to be released on VOD, TV, streaming or theatrical, then you need to clear the music by purchasing a Pro Plus license. 

In other words, we want to make it super easy for you to submit your films to short film festivals, and, even though your film will be publicly shown at the festival, we're ok with you only using a YouTuber personal license for that! 

However, if your film is picked up by a distributor - who will then publish your film across VOD, Netflix, Amazon, DVD, TV etc. - then you will need to contact us to get a PRO PLUS license to cover that usage. 

Please note: the distributor will not use your film for those platforms unless the music is cleared anyway, so it's in your best interest to get a PRO PLUS license so you can provide that license to the distributor as assurance. 👍

Yes. Find out more and apply here (student ID required). 

Simply click the cancel button in your account Dashboard on filmstro.com or contact us through the website to ask us to cancel for you!

If you purchase a YOUTUBER license and download any music, then you can no longer request a refund.
If you have purchased a YOUTUBER license in error and have not downloaded any music, then you can get a refund as part of the UK consumer protection 'cooling off period' within 14 days of purchase. 
Please note that this only applies to YouTuber licenses and does not apply to our business licenses as B2B sales are exempt from this provision. Our business licenses are the PRO and PRO PLUS licenses. 

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